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Insights 19 Apr 2024

Web Development in the age of AI - Everything you need to know

Web Development in the age of AI - Everything you need to know

Digital world has become a melting pot of cultures where everyone coexists and that includes AI. With changing narratives and the demands of the humans of today, retailers and different industries must align themselves with the evolving world. 

While brands and service sectors are on this road, they will have to include artificial intelligence in all their strategies and technologies. Even web development services are planning to integrate it in various stages of the development process. 

With more than 70% of C-suite leaders saying that integrating AI is one of their top priorities, is a clear statement that artificial intelligence is not going anywhere. Moreover, with all the fear and mystery of how AI will impact the workforce and the business world as a collective entity, it's not uncommon to feel insecure. It’s the fear of the unknown. There’s a simple want - people should be aware of what’s going on in the industries and their companies to feel at ease. A survey by CNBC shows that 75% of employees would be more excited if they knew how AI is used in their company. 

The Effect - How and Why

With Hostinger claiming that 2.77 billion people will shop online by 2027, it's clear that users will be expecting a better and more memorable website experience. These sites have become the storefronts for the digital arena, so it's time that brands start treating them like one. 

Human developers will have to learn how to use AI and enhance their productivity. Utilising this technology is no longer a choice but the need of the present and the demand of the future. From advanced AI algorithms to AR and VR integration in apps and websites, the scope in this domain is wide, and companies will have to align themselves in accordance with the moving societal and consumer preferences. 

Impacts and benefits

To be ahead of the curve, companies will have to make the most of this technology, which will directly impact the whole development process. So, it's time to dip our toes into the impacts and benefits this technology will have on the web development industry. 

Hyper personalisation

Personalisation and authenticity have become the foundations for the younger generation while making a purchasing decision. New age generative AI tools have started analysing user behaviour via their geographical locations, habits and preferences, which in turn helps to understand algorithms. 

This will aid not only the marketers but also the developers in identifying new and fresh perspectives and formats to be integrated into the website. Voice search and personal virtual assistants are some elements that will surely add charm to the website. This aspect will not only be used to provide hyper-personalisation but also to delight the users. 

Quick development

One of the biggest challenges for developers was finding the right codes. It took a huge chunk of their time, which was frustrating. 

However, with the arrival of artificial intelligence software like chatGPT, they can access all the codes they need a lot quicker than before, which essentially saves them time. 

This technology can also work as a real-life assistant for humans. Moreover, AI tools can be customised, meaning they can give real-time codes and manage different tasks automatically, resulting in fostering productivity and efficiency. 

The only downfall of this technology is that it has a particular set of data, meaning the codes that a generative AI can provide are very limited, basic and rigid, even after giving the right prompt. However, human developers can easily modify and customise the codes. 

Memorable user experience

People today desire an experience that can vow them and evoke a feeling of awe, and that goes for online spaces, too. With personalisation in the bag, developers and designers can easily identify which designs and content would get more engagement and interactions from the users. 

With AI in the game, developers even have the liberty to create a system that can align itself with the user’s patterns. This will make the consumers feel seen and valued, leading to an improved conversion rate. 

Testing and security

This futuristic technology is changing and evolving with time to provide more and more functions and benefits and understand humans in a better way. With new AI testing and quality assurance frameworks, the work of the testers has also been reduced. 

These tools have the ability to monitor the whole system, identify vulnerabilities and other issues, and solve them at the initial stages. Companies that are keen towards intelligent and efficient security measures are the first to adopt this approach. 

Although this technology can't be used independently without human intervention, we still can't sideline the fact that it's given rise to many efficient AI collaborations. 

As a website feature

AI tools like voice search and chatbots go beyond the world of coding and testing. They interact with the customers by analysing a particular user's behaviour and then charm them through their customised responses to the queries. 

Concluding Note

AI has smoothly squeezed itself into the lives of people, both personally and professionally. Even other brands, companies, service sectors and web hosting service companies are navigating their way through this domain. This technology has much more potential to impact the world, and companies must follow proper rules and protocols to avoid its misuse. And we can look forward to the coming years to witness the exciting opportunities that AI will bring to users and developers.

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