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Insights 19 Dec 2023

The promise of sustainable digital marketing shaping the business world

The promise of sustainable digital marketing shaping the business world

The tiptoeing whispering of sparrows in the gentle and rosy hues of morning that awakens the world is a picture from the past. An image that any of the coming generations may never get to witness. And the reason for this loss is - development, modernization, or evolution, whatever you like to call it. It's always been right in front of our eyes, completely bare and staring back at us with piercing eyes. 

We lost our connection with nature in the fire of revolution and modernization. Those blankets of snow, blushing autumn trees, and silhouettes of leaves basking in ethereal glow have become a rare sight. It's the same occurrence for which we take vacations in the hill stations or mountains to enjoy the peace and calmness. 

The deteriorating conditions of the earth aren't concealed from anyone. It is a testament indicating that it's time to rejuvenate nature and revoke our connection with this realm. 

With people being more environmentally conscious than ever, brands are looking for alternatives and solutions to reduce their carbon footprints. That's why their inclination towards digital marketing intensified. 

However, this eco-friendly mode isn't as sustainable as it's claimed to be. So, businesses and digital marketing agencies are taking one step further and incorporating environmentally friendly approaches. 

Utilizing user-generated content

As the waves of technology blend in with the digital spaces, advancement becomes indispensable. This contributes to the numerous seismic shifts in the business industry, one of them being - online marketing. Meaning the brands had to forge their path and create a winning content strategy. 

The arrival of this aspect led to a long discussion that concluded that consumers engage most with user-generated content. This content is always relevant and shareworthy, which satisfies the user's craving for authenticity. 

Those unprofessional and genuine videos and images sharing their experience with the products are more valuable than professional ones. This approach not only creates a never-ending content bank but is also a primary sustainable option. It's always more fitting to repurpose the already existing content and eliminate the waste of natural resources. 

Recruiting eco-friendly web design practices

The ultimate goal of any business lies in engaging the consumers with their website, which begins from the web design that acts as the entrance to a website. It gives a sneak peek of what the website may entail alongside giving the whole vibe of the brand. 

Web design is also the element that determines the amount of energy a website will use. Images, videos, hosting, and data services leave a carbon footprint. However, if these branches of web design are used while being mindful of sustainability, the results may differ. Using eco-friendly design frameworks such as Materialize can also eliminate the excessive use of resources. 

Opting for sustainable data and web hosting

As discussed above, data and web hosting are some of the crucial elements influencing the amount of energy a website will be consuming. So, while making environmentally conscious choices, one must consider to minimise the impact of these two components. 

There are many carbon-neutral or offsetting service web hosts available, and making use of those may come in handy. Many e-commerce websites even partner with hosts using renewable energy or a green data center. You can go a step further by asking for the recycling and waste management policies of the host you are already using to decide if you should consider opting for another host. 

Regular usage of carbon footprint measuring tools

With digital carbon emissions taking greenhouse gases to extreme levels, consumer trust came tumbling down due to the harmful practices of some businesses. 

To gain trust and showcase solid results, some forward-thinking brands utilize carbon footprint measuring tools to keep their online campaigns, social media, and websites in green check. These tools measure and update the brand on the impact their online activities have while also calculating the carbon footprints. They even suggest substitutes to reduce carbon emissions to aid the business in reaching its sustainability goals. 

Eco-friendly emailing

Another component that can help the brands work sustainably is eco-friendly email practices. Like other digital marketing segments, emails also emit emissions. 

Reducing the email size by using smaller images, reducing file size, and sending fewer emails targeting consumers instead of spamming them are some of the approaches being taken by the brands to become sustainable business citizens. 

Leaning towards Green SEO

No, green SEO isn't a formal term. Instead, it's the green SEO practices that reduce the carbon footprints. 

Smart practices like the strategic use of keywords in one piece of content rather than spamming them and producing infinitely, choosing the right keyword, and mindful use of words are some actions that can be taken to lower the hosting. Hence decreasing the emissions. 

Ending Note

Only we can save our drowning connection with nature. It has always adapted according to our demands, and now it's time that we choose what's best for the planet. Opting for sustainable digital marketing is one way to tackle this issue. Some of the mentioned approaches are still in their initial stages. However, in the future, each of these elements will push towards expanding new horizons and paving its way toward a greener earth. We sincerely hope you will be one of those integrating these eco-friendly concepts while stepping forward in the future. That was all from our creative desk. Undoubtedly, many more alternatives will be added to this list, but we promise to keep you updated!

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