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Insights 06 Feb 2024

How are social media platforms leaning towards care culture?

How are social media platforms leaning towards care culture?

Back in the COVID-19 days, when the hype of social media platforms significantly went down, and youth leaned towards social detox, brands had to ensure they kept in touch with these non-digital nomads. As the dark night shedded, people regained their usual user personas, and things started to look normal again. According to Forbes, social media platforms will see a hike of more than 5 billion users by 2027. 

However, with a new sun, new mindsets surfaced, and these mindsets had a non-traditional perspective of how things should be and why they should be like that. Social media has leaned towards the care culture with the mission to make this network a calming place for digital natives. 

Interestingly, this new thinking doesn't take away the users from the platforms. Instead, it balances the usage of the platforms. We can call it ‘digital kindness’ or the ‘care culture’ that pushes against the harmful and toxic digital media and focuses on positivity. I

However, we should be aware that it's not a shocking discovery but a need that's been greatly neglected. 

The expansion and popularity of this element have shaken not just the online sector but also other sectors, alongside increasing the economic value and employment opportunities in the field. Integration of this new sentiment has forced many brands and agencies to re-vision and rethink the lanes of their social media optimization services and strategies. 

Creator resources

According to WHO's 2023 report, approximately 4% of the world population have anxiety disorder. These numbers clearly state how people are dipping into darkness, and the statistics may even be higher for public personalities or social media creators. 

These creators feel immensely pressured by their audiences' expectations and the need to be updated all the time. As these creatives experience regular burnout to keep up with the algorithms and trends, users are scrutinising these platforms and expecting them to take some substantial steps. 

That's why many of the social media platforms like Twitch have started rolling out mental health support systems. Other platforms have also taken the initiative and are planning big things for the future to aid its creators. 

Rest stops

On various digital networks, users are encouraging each other to stop scrolling continuously, take a breath, and live and enjoy the moment. After the pandemic, people have started believing that the present is all they have, so they are trying to alter their lifestyles to make the most of every single second. Even the brands are pushing forward tranquil and peaceful content like self-help journal prompts and calming sounds to lull the minds and open the senses. 

Creators are asking mindful and genuine questions while also creating and posting hashtags related to pausing and digital rest stops. This wave hasn't just let people realise how much time they spend on their mobiles and how distant they have become in real life, but it has also let the creators and brands form an authentic connection with their followers. 

To make mental and emotional wellness more relevant to the younger generation, brands even rolled out some content like tunes and aesthetically pleasing art while also using colour psychology in their resources. 

Intentional campaigns

As younger generations are constantly on the lookout for a digital space where they can be themselves without any bias, brands and social platforms have started digging up intention campaigns to lure in more consumers. 

Even governments across the globe have started prioritising this concept and encouraging citizens to do the same. Whispers of integrating emotional detecting AI that can detect emotions via chats and prevent any harm are also going around. 

Social activism

Consumers are no longer demanding transparency. They need accountability and are adamant about some solid results. These people are waiting for the brands to express genuine empathy and compassion that goes beyond revenue. They need brands to turn into real humans who work for real humans’ well-being. 

That's why the uproar for care culture and raising other issues on social media has become a prominent scene in this arena. There are many hubs and forums now where people can voice their thinking. Even these social networks have become the space to create a social movement to change things that need to be changed. 

Word of advice

With the sword of ROI hanging over the heads, it's rare to do something out of the sales and revenue charts. However, if brands keep thinking like a non-living entity, then they won't be able to curate that genuine connection with their consumers and will miss out on the potential loyal customer base. It's like working on search engine optimization services without SEO. Digital kindness has become fundamental for the mental and emotional well-being of people. So, it's time to tap into this aspect and make the most of it while also caring for other humans. That was all from our creative desk! We hope you will visit us again for more emerging and interesting insights.

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