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Blogs 06 Apr 2024

How to enhance your website’s visibility via voice search optimization?

How to enhance your website’s visibility via voice search optimization?

Time is an element of nature that never stands still, whether it's crunching numbers, selling real estate or creating an e-commerce website design. With time, all of these things will change, precisely modified into a better or maybe a bad version of themselves. 

However, change is real, there's no denying that. And that's what we mean when we discuss how talking to your mobile may have seemed like a scene from a sci-fi movie ten years back. But that's our reality, that too an easily believable one. 

From AI-powered speakers to lights, these gadgets have made it possible to control our house with our voices. With the rapidly increasing dependency of humans on AI personal assistants, brands need to integrate software like Alexa and Siri into their marketing strategies. 

These visionaries will have to think strategically and plan each move. The first step towards sustaining their consumers is - tapping into the potential of voice search to optimise their websites. That's one way, among others, to future-proof their brand and keep a thread of steady leads. 

What exactly is voice search optimization?

Voice search means querying for information on any search engine via AI assistants by just using your voice. And voice search optimization refers to the SEO tips and techniques that aid your content in getting a better ranking in the search results. For example, when a person searches, “When is the 2024 book fair?” The most relevant and to-the-point answer would be picked out from equally accurate content. The reason why the search engine prioritises that content is because of the right voice search optimization strategies. 

According to the latest survey by Thrive My Way, around 71% of people like to rely on voice search rather than typing. Due to these continuously hiking numbers, voice search optimization services companies are in high demand, and smart players in the domain have already started cashing in on the best practices. 

Prioritising Microdata

Although Google or any other search engine understands human language, different types of microdata are used to make them understand certain content, and schema makeup is one of them. It is structured data that includes all the essential information about your business, like address, contact information, and much more.

It boosts voice SEO while also being advantageous for on-page SEO and local SEO, as it drives more clicks and increases the website's organic traffic.

Creating FAQ pages

As humans, we are born with curiosity, and there's no solution to it other than finding the real answers. Consumer psychology works the same way, especially when it comes to voice search, because this technology is all about questions and answers. 

You should have the answers to the shoppers’ queries and create a separate section where all these questions are answered. That’s precisely why FAQ pages are the best way to rank your website. 

Tap into the multilingual voice search

With young generations becoming more and more flexible and tracing back their roots, promoting localisation has become a primary requirement for them. Meaning, brands need to harness multilingual and local SEO voice search to enhance their online presence. 

In your own friend group, you will find people speaking different languages, so you can't expect everyone to be comfortable with just one language. With different native speakers, the need for multilingual voice search has increased even more, making it the prime time to dive into this side of the search engines. 

Aim for conversational tone and featured snippet

In this fast-paced world, people don't have time to go round and round. They want comprehensible and direct answers. Search engines have been catering to this need of theirs via featured snippets. 

Giving precise answers to what people may ask is the only way to get into featured snippets, and yet, there's no guarantee that your content will rank. Moreover, voice search is all about conversation. So, a conversational tone is given, and if you aren't using it, then you might be missing out on a huge chunk of your potential audience. FAQ pages are also one of the ways to get into this section. 

Be sure to include internet phrases, long-tailed keywords and ‘near me’ voice search

There's a huge difference between voice and text searches. While typing, we like to keep things as precise and short as possible to save time. However, when it comes to voice search, we lean towards wordy, informative and longer questions and keywords. 

That's where long-tailed and local keywords come in. They, themselves, include a large portion of the question, like SEO companies or digital marketing agencies in Faridabad. That's not all; you should also be mindful of the popular internet phrases to enhance the website's visibility. 

And don't forget to dive into the ‘near me’ voice search because even Google Maps prefer these searches. 

Word of advice

Ranking in voice searches isn't easy. It requires a well-structured strategy. Marketers need to keep analysing the market and testing new methods. Voice search only allows the top results for a query. That’s why this optimisation needs solid content with a top-notch SEO strategy. Even elite brands and digital marketing agencies are doubling up their game in this arena. Maybe it's time that you also do the same! That was all from our creative desk. We hope these tips will be helpful for your brand and guide you to achieve your targeted ROI.

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