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Voice search optimization services

With these new rules in the game, brands must shift their strategies for penetrating the market and focus more on innovation, uniqueness and emotional engagement. 

To spin that wheel of growth, a cumulation of strategies that include conversions, sales, and leads becomes essential. The answer to the drilling question ‘how’ is voice search optimization.

Rank Higher with Voice SEO

Alexa SEO

Amazon, being one of the largest e-commerce websites, has pushed Alexa to become the most used assistant/ software. That's why you must prepare for this part of the game, and Dart Digital is with you every step of the way.

Google Assistant SEO

Google Assistant, the most popular and accessible medium for voice searches, will be your edge against your competitors. Keeping you ahead of the curve, we provide all the Google Assistant SEO services that will help you soar high.

Siri SEO

The first-ever voice assistant, Siri, has changed the way people search and will search in the future. And we are here to change the way people see your business with our voice SEO services!

Voice search optimization services Voice search optimization services

Why should you dwell on this aspect? How will it benefit you? Will it elevate the sales or ROI? The answer to these questions is a solid YES. Tapping into this side of the SEO brings more visibility than focusing only on text searches. 

Voice search optimization is the whole process of optimizing the website and its content for the likeliness of improving your ranking for voice search results. 

4 out of 6 people use voice search at least once a day, and more than 50% of people use voice search to look for places near them. 

Research and statistics depict that voice-based searches are only going to rise, and in a distinct future, it may even become the norm. 

Our voice search optimization services are customised according to your requirements and needs. We ensure the delivery of workable and practical solutions while also blending your vision with ours to create that unique selling point (USP). We house many satisfied clients, and our specialists are on the path to make us the best in the industry. 

A glimpse of our voice marketing services 

In this technologically intoxicated world, the need for businesses to have voice SEO services has intensified. Our team of experts always analyses the market and takes a plunge into your competitor’s profile to give you a competitive edge by developing valuable insights and forecasts. 

We streamline our keyword research and optimize long-tailed keywords, schema markups and local voice SEO. All this is done while mindfully prioritising conversational language in your website to make it voice-friendly and elevate the user experience. 

At Dart Digital, we guarantee you to optimize your content, enhance your brand’s visibility to be in tune with all the AI assistants, and make your website accessible for all kinds of devices. 

Why us?

Being a voice search optimization company, we create an undeniable value that pushes your sales charts and increases the ROI. Alongside being budget-friendly, Dart Digital always incorporates new techniques to place you higher in the search results. 

Always trying and testing new methods has pushed us to identify areas of improvement and discover fresh ideas, leading many of our clients towards unmatched success. 

With our expertise in local SEO, featured snippets, site optimisation, and business listings, we have the ability to plan and market your brand and services strategically. With on-ground researchers and experts who analyse the market and come up with new techniques, we are equipped with the best of the industry's knowledge to offer you the best solutions. 

Dart Digital is an agency with the purpose of making SEO for voice search accessible to all brands at affordable rates. We prioritise transparency to keep you in the loop and heed to your suggestions while keeping you ahead of your competitors. 

We can be your voice search optimization agency that aids you in driving tangible results!

Voice search optimization services
Our FAQs

Text search and voice search have different modes of searching. For text search, users have to type, and it's usually short and to the point. At the same time, voice search is done by speaking to voice assistants like Alexa or Siri. These searches are usually conversational and longer in comparison to the text search.

We keep a keen eye on all the technicalities like schema markups and FAQs and ensure the presence of a conversational tone in the content. It's essential to cover all the touchpoints related to the services that a company is providing to make a website voice search-friendly.

Yes, we do provide local voice search services.

Approx three months is a decent timeline to see results. However, it also depends on the industry because you may see faster results in some industries, while in others, you may not. Without text search, voice search can't rank.

There's no fixed cost of voice search optimization. There are many variables, meaning there’s no exact answer. It solely depends on the services you seek and the packages your service company is willing to provide.

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