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Blogs 17 May 2023

How do SEO services sway a customer’s journey?

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How do SEO services sway a customer’s journey?

People’s preference for a product or service has become serpentine, resting on the product type/category. Even though the purchase might happen outside the search engine, the search for that perfect commodity stays majorly on digital grounds. And that’s why marketers stay fixated on capturing each consumer touchpoint because it is their one golden chance to divert their path toward their brand.

Your customer can land on a digital platform (regardless of what it is) at any purchase decision stage. A meticulous marketer knows how to get customers onto the brand's website and flash its distinctness. Customer waits to be influenced by a credible brand throughout their touchpoint. But these strategic approaches point to the direction of Search Engine Optimization Services.

No matter a brand strategist or marketer’s take on SEO, it is indispensable to the entire customer journey. The customer journey converts into a typical sales funnel for a brand’s in-house marketing team, and each step seeks a different strategy, content format, and broadcasting endeavors. But the end is inexorable and doesn’t guarantee to make the customer your advocate.

Search engine optimization strategy particularly repurposes how brands tend to approach and be visible to the customer irrespective of their position in the funnel stage. Customers' discovery of your brand builds upon their intent and willingness to buy from you. Several points stay out of a marketer's control, from identifying offline brand messages to getting recommendations and perceptions from third-party sources.

The 21st-century customer’s first instinct is to search online. This organic search is where brands need to optimize the messaging, the visibility, the value proposition, and of course, the manner of influencing.

The comprehensive role of SEO Service in All of the Customer Journey

The rapidly shifting lifestyle prompts new needs to arise for people, and they will forever be intrigued by what the market has to offer. This curiosity reinforces discoverability when the user searches for a product or service.

To keep the best foot forward, comprehending and measuring the search engine’s algorithm puts things in perspective and helps determine the precise path to bring customers onto the website. And as the customer’s journey unravels, here is how placing SEO strategically enhances the likeability of a successful conversion mechanism at each stage:


Your SEO is probably game if your customer can discover you while looking for a service against a particular search query. But if the ranking is stooping down on the last few pages of the SERP, something (or maybe, many things) might not be optimized in your digital home— The website. The website’s technical health is what ensures your prospects read all your dropped-down content.

The complete framework would influence your site’s structure, the crawl ability of content, the meta description & tags, the indexability of your brand’s webpage, authoritative backlinks on the web page, relevant keywords, and site security. The two main elements reinforced into the awareness stage include; Website optimized for discoverability and readability that prompts the searcher to click for the first time.


Say you were successful in bringing the visitor onto your website. But is that enough? They could quickly leave and find something better if you aren’t doing enough to keep your brand on top of their mind. In the interest stage, the customer knows about your brand and what you offer but still tries to identify why they should choose it.

Competitor analysis comes into play as part of the Search Engine Optimization mechanism. Since the comparison stage begins with their interest in a specific product or service, building their trust would require more work to identify relevant keywords per competitor analysis and optimize the web pages accordingly.

Moreover, content has to demonstrate your thought leadership and experience, which is how you develop integrity for your brand.


Your prospective customer might have found you when you are ready to purchase. The pressure builds up to catch your trust and get them to buy from you. A proficient digital marketer would know to work based on the searcher’s intent. Whether B2B or B2C, the purchasing cycle of the consumer stays somewhat unpredictable.

Nevertheless, conversion is the culmination of varying stages of strategies, and the core stays a well-optimized website with content that directly addresses the user’s query. Everything pertains to the probability of them becoming your retainer customers, from the website’s architecture to the loading time and user’s experience with the website during conversion.

After Sales

Things don’t end at conversion. After-sales support and follow-up queries from the customer ensure that they stay with the brand in the future too. Keeping them pleased with the routine follow-up service amplifies their experience and eventually impacts the reviews they would leave behind, influencing your Google My Business profile. From social media to your business profile, SEO strengthens your brand’s appearance through reviews and feedback. Attending to them helps in keeping you on the consumer’s radar.

Final Thought

A customer’s journey is a complex series of to & fro movements between the world of online & offline interaction to determine the verity of a business and the experience they would have in the future. Search Engine Optimization smoothens the rough side for brands to easily navigate the customer towards your brand slowly and steadily in each funnel stage and leverage the complete touchpoint to improve the chances of discoverability, desire, and conversion.

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