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We wanted to rebrand everything and build an online presence but we had a budget. That's when I discovered Dart Digital. They sat me down and we had numerous discussions and it was pretty tiring. But, once they had every detail that they needed, everything from rebranding my logo to website design was done with what I call excellence.

Duni C. Rana

CEO & Founder



I wanted a professional to handle my SEO. So, one of my friends recommended the Dart Digital Agency. I sent them a query and was pleased with their packages. Initially, it was supposed to be a short-term thing, but after getting more leads than I anticipated, I knew they had the right SEO strategy. Since then, that short-term thing became long-term. And now, they are even hosting my website.

Mr. Haruki Kishida

Business Consultant



The best thing about Dart Digital is its dynamic website design which has all the backend options where I can edit anything I want. I don't have to go back to the agency for little things.

Dr. Chandra Prakash




We sincerely want to thank Dart Digital Agency for implementing all their expertise that helped us achieve 2X growth in revenue. Their PPC and PPC Strategy have become one of those services that we value the most.

Miss. Jane Julius




I would say I'm a difficult client who changes her mind in a matter of days because I'm very particular about how I want things to be done. Even then, the Dart Digital team was very patient with me and delivered an SEO strategy and content strategy that has significantly increased my revenue and website visitors. 


Founder & Chairman



We are not digitally savvy people; the only thing that matters to us is sales. So when we didn't get any leads in the first month, we were ready to pull off from the Dart Digital Agency. However, the company told us to wait for at least two more months before expecting any leads. Let's just say our knowledge in terms of digital marketing has increased a lot since then.

Dr. Chandra Prakash




We started looking at the digital agency after our website was developed. We realised that we wanted to change the whole thing. We never thought that the agency would be willing to start from the beginning. Although we were charged extra, and that's fair. But we also got exactly what we were looking for. We just really appreciate what Dart Digital has done for us!

Miss. Ankita




We want to thank Dart Digital Agency for their customised SEO strategy for our campaign. With the agency's help, we were able to reach our target!

Mr. Hakim Uddin

General Manager



Dart Digital Agency has helped us in gaining 50,000 unique visitors in its fourth month. Alongside this, they also helped us increase our social media presence to 3X. Thank you so much to the Dart team. We could never have crossed this milestone without you guys.

Mr. Copal




For me, I would say that the whole developing process took more than what the company committed to. It was difficult to face that when I had other things planned on the basis of the delivery date. I was not happy with that. However, I must say that the design and development of my business’s website was functional and aesthetic. 

Sadie Brown

Professional Photographer



Being a blogger, my website is my ultimate source of income. I wanted some help to rank my website and blog posts. Dart Digital not only helped me with the off-page SEO but also suggested some changes on the on-page. They even tweaked my website design for better accessibility.

Mr. Prakash Shah




I have had customers telling me about how appealing and aesthetic my website is. I don't think I need to say anything else except thank you, Dart Digital!

Mr. Rajiv

Assistant Manager



Honestly, when we approached Dart Digital, we were sceptical because it was a new agency at that time. But when they developed and designed our website, we knew it was the right decision to choose this agency. Right now, they also manage our SEO. Although, in the beginning, we were not getting any results, but we were told that we should be patient for at least three months. Were we in doubt? Yes, but we trusted the company and went ahead with the process. Since then, they have become our budget-friendly extended marketing team that we would never want to let go of

Mr. Nitin Sharma




I have been availing web hosting services from Dart Digital Agency, and it's been nothing but a comfortable journey.

Mr. Ravi




It's rare to find a company that's so invested in a particular project that they work till they reach perfection. That's what Dart Digital Agency did while developing my website. We will always be thankful to the whole team for that.

Mr. Shobhit




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