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Indian Experience

  • Country New Delhi, India
  • Industry Travel and Tourism
  • Completion Year Present Client
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About the Company

For more than 25 years, Indian Experience has been introducing authentic Indian heritage and culture by providing true travel experiences throughout the country. With a passion for travel, this acclaimed player in the industry accommodates personalised packages according to the traveller's specific requirements.

After being in the industry for such a long time, Indian Experience knew it was time for change. They wanted to expand their business with some fresh perspectives and pave their way towards national and international success.


Acknowledging that starting from scratch was the only answer, Indian Experience had to re-think its brand and create a new website. With a vision for making affordable, authentic and secure travel across India, Indian Experience wanted a user-friendly website alongside being an employee-friendly one.

For us, the prime hurdle was the existence of similar websites. Almost all the websites in the travel industry are the same, so uniqueness is limited. We had to come up with an innovative idea that could be subtly infused within the website to create that magnetic selling point.


Ready to give a new face to the travelling brand, continuous sessions of discussions with the client followed, after which we got a clear idea of their requirements. Commencing from the beginning meant - a domain name. Dart Digital started with the basics, i.e., domain research, suggested the name, and confirmed the one that the brand itself approved.

Next came the logo design. Leaning towards a functionality-first mindset, we tried the most relevant and reliable font, symbol, and colour palette that could convey what the whole website was about. As always, we created a PHP and forwarded it to Indian Experience from their reviews and feedback before moving to the designing and development process. Afterwards, we hosted the domain on our server.

Seeing our commitment and dedication, the travelling brand also asked us to suggest an SEO strategy. That's the journey of the Indian Experience with Dart Digital, but that’s not the end, as we are still redefining the travelling experience with this ambitious brand.

Extra Miles

From the project’s inception to its ending, we catered to all of the travel company's needs and guided them through every step of the rebranding journey. Focusing on upscaling the ROI, we introduced the Indian Experience with our target marketing strategies and delivered a complimentary marketing forecast.

Although being a champion in travel in the industry, the brand had some obstacles in getting hold of the site. So, like our other clients, they were also given online sessions to understand the ins and outs of the website.


After the new website's launch, consumers were able to book their packages without any hassle, and employees could cater to all their needs, which directly impacted the conversion rates. Indian Experience witnessed an immense online presence alongside a 2X growth in its sales.