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Digital Media Planning and Buying

Locating the best media strategy that produces the efficient outcome from omnichannel advertising to the suitable set of audience

Only some media platforms show promising results; that is to say, each nurtures a separate set audience group. For an ad campaign to contact the intended customer, there goes more than just good content at the backend; it takes an exceptionally strategic media planning agency that knows the not-so-customary practice behind getting the audience to pay attention to what your brand speaks. We enable your brand to manifest an advertisement plan that mirror’s the consumer’s evolving preference. 


Our digital media planning services are an intermediator between traditional & modern media channels with the best media planners in-house who create the right media mix for visible results. We do away with the intuitions while laying down the media plan because we feed our groundwork the goal-oriented insights that cover a detailed nuance of the market, the different groups of audiences, and a thorough analysis of the media channel. 

Keeping your marketing strategy at the center to deliver a perfect ad campaign

Expanding and deconstructing the complete layout of media planning, we take charge of efficient media buying with the right network of media partners, negotiate with the channel that fits into the planned strategy, and execute the campaign to reach the audience that resonates well. From identifying the audience to building paid media responses, we retrieve data and draw insights, comprehensively design the omnichannel strategy, and consistently track the campaign's performance. 

Our digital media planning agency develops a coordinated media plan keeping in touch with your in-house marketing strategy and utilize our best media vendor networks, dwelling on the planned campaign to secure an ad space for a specific timeslot through experienced media buyers who know the ropes of the marketplace. It is how we get the value for your brand’s invested money when we negotiate the best rates for displaying your ads at a medium your users come most to. 

Digital Media Planning and Buying Digital Media Planning and Buying

What goes into your Media Planning & Buying for your Campaigns?

We plan to amend the approaches of generating ROI through ad campaigns that reach the right people at the right time, in the right space, and in the right content. And to execute the campaign, here is what we do behind the scene:

Media Planning

Determining Target Audience

The first step of efficient media planning begins with determining the audience who would benefit from the campaign or the consumer group that would be targeted with the ad. For instance, if it is a sportswear brand, the target audience would be GenZ & Millennials of a certain age and location

Determining Campaign Objectives

The campaign objective is whether you are looking ahead to generate sales or increase traffic. Although revenue is critical for measuring the campaign’s success, more factors collectively reach a desired outcome. And determining the objective would further help in creating the media mix. 

Scanning the market

To scan the market better, we take a deep dive into your brand’s interior (the growth and marketing objectives) and map the external factors of the market, such as industry trends, competitor analysis, the mediums where consumers are engaging more with advertisements, etc. 

Developing the strategy

Combining all of the above steps, our team of media planners moves towards the development of the strategy, and it consists of majorly two components: 

  • The Media Mix: The combination of the best digital (Paid ads, SEM, Adwords) and traditional (banners, OOH) platforms to represent the campaign based on the allocated budget for both mediums.
  • Ad Frequency & Reach: How many times the ad would be displayed on the bought space. Would it be consistent, flighting, or would it stay between high & low-intensity of advertisements

Media Buying

Filtering through Media Outlets

Between the best location for OOH ads, banners, or website for digital advertisement, we thoroughly look at the planned strategy and filter through several media outlets that give value for money. 


Negotiate the right platform's cost with our media vendor network within your preferential rates based on the allocated budget.


Campaign Execution & Monitoring

Finally, we put together the campaign and rolled it out for the targeted group. We keep a thorough and narrow look over the performance to make necessary adjustments and meet the desired outcome from every run campaign. 


With the mix of automation and creative ideation, we create the best ad campaigns that perform on the most efficient mediums and stay relevant to the most appropriate audience

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