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Molto Bello

  • Country India
  • Industry Skincare
  • Completion Year 2023
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About the Company

Curated with Korean raw materials, Molto Bello is a vegan, paraben-free and cruelty-free dermatological skincare brand that provides the best-suited skin-related advice to its consumers alongside selling effective products. Being an honest skincare brand, Molto Bello is always looking for new and fresh concepts to make the consumer experience even better while also improving the health and well-being of their skin.


Even though Molto Bello is a well-known brand with expertise in the health and wellness sector, still, its online presence was suffering because of the lack of a website. This was becoming a major hurdle in the brand's vision for success. So, Molto Bello knew it was time to create a website and get into the digital race.

 The prime obstacle for Dart Digital was the fact that we had to work within a limited budget and create a user-friendly website which also had the features of an employee friendly site. 


After sitting down and understanding the goals of Molto Bello, Dart Digital Agency had a free hand in regard to the web development and designing process. So, we let out our creative flow and started analysing the competitors of the skincare brand to curate a better user experience.

In the website consumers can create their accounts and log into their accounts to see their shopping carts, favourite items and order history. To smoothen the process even more, we integrated an order tracking system so that consumers can easily look up and see where their order is and how much time it will take to reach them.

Alongside this, we also ensured that we provided backend editing options for the employees to alter the product listing, testimonial section, or other segments of the websites according to their requirements. Molto Bello wanted to highlight its top features. So, Dart Digital also worked on getting it on board and showcased the top attributes, like free shipping, on the first page of the website.

Extra Miles

We redefined the online presence of Molto Bello with a brand strategy. But, it didn't end there; we have also suggested a digital marketing promotion strategy for the business to attract more clients. Moreover, we are looking for a lot of new and exciting collaborations with Molto Bello!


With a website to enhance its digital presence and visibility, Molto Bello witnessed a surge in their orders and sales. The brand saw a 2X growth in its revenue and a 20% increase in its social media platforms, which was being directed from the website. Many of the consumers even claimed that the arrival of the website made things easier for them.