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Remarketing Services

Getting your audience back in the loop by retargeting ads that match their search behavior

Almost all converted customers were once first-time visitors. It needed some nurturing to get them to reach the bottom of the funnel. Into the broader spectrum of content marketing strategy, Retargeting carries the potential as a paid ad marketing to lure your previous visitors into becoming potential customers. Dart Digital Agency enables you to capture the attention of all those visitors who are still stuck at the top of the funnel, unsure of their purchase. 

We make your brand a reliable ride, helping visitors cross the bridge between interested & converted. Our in-house consultants and masterminds behind the desired marketing strategies pop into the scene utilizing remarketing to pair up with retargeting to reignite the interest of all those lost customers who are probably carrying a buttload of revenue. 

Every step that we take in your retargeting campaigns is less guesswork and more of procured data that is transfigured into insights riding the outcome. 

How our Remarketing strategy works ?

Search Engine is a vast ecosystem with space for different advertisers to target users and visitors relevant to their browser history. What truly matters is how well the ads are configured to have remarketing create an impact for visitors to consider one brand over the other. That’s where our remarketing advertising services step in to optimize each ad campaign following what the user is looking for on the web or any particular product they showed interest in on your website. 

Our retargeting marketing agency follows through a measurable KPI and chooses platforms that can optimize each ad based on factors like keywords and location. We place our finest ad marketers and consultants who are specific and detailed with your retargeting. We utilize the data set for creating a remarketing ad design that goes beyond receiving views and reaches clicks that are potential leads waiting to be converted. 

We are experts in connecting ad campaigns to the science of human psychology and affixing it to the designed strategy. With our years spent executing and ideating for digital & physical advertisements, we have acknowledged that conversion efficiency through retargeted ads rises to 70% of users. We pin on it to make brands the highest bidding advertisers on the web. 

Remarketing Services Remarketing Services

The process of our Remarketing Ads Agency to retarget your Customer

We understand that only some visitors on the web or your website would be keen to buy. Therefore, we create a series of steps to bring the fruition of the ad campaign in the form of leads amongst your previous visitors or searcher. 

Our marketer's and strategists' usual day looks like comprehending and processing the data to develop an insightful report that aligns with the whole purpose of remarketing the retargeted ads. 

Segmenting the Audience

We dig through your website analytics to understand the visitor’s behavior over your website, the pages they visited, and the action they took. It enables us to create a complete segment of users and their behavior. This is our first step into personalizing the ads based on the users who would view them. 

Building the creative strategy and Ad designs

This is where we strategize for the creative part and what each design would intend to achieve. For instance, if the targeted user visited the mascara section of your website, you cannot create an ad indicating everything about lipstick.

Bidding the Ads

Based on the visitors who previously visited your website, we bid the segments on different platforms relevant to the list made, and the customized ads would be shown to the users 

Tracking & Optimizing

We always choose ad platforms where we easily track the performance and make necessary optimization to achieve the intended result.


We create a dramatic impact on your generated ROI when we pull in the lost customers into your database of loyal consumers

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