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Khyati Handicrafts

  • Country India
  • Industry Artisanal
  • Completion Year Present Client
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About the Company

Khyati Handicrafts is a startup created with a mission to promote Indian heritage and craftsmanship. Moving forward with this aim, the artisanal brand has been manufacturing and supplying unique handicrafts across India. Alongside a diversified collection of products, including home furnishings, kitchen accessories, kid's products, and much more, Khyati Handicrafts also sprinkles a personal touch for each order.

With time, Khyati Handicrafts started exploring new opportunities and wanted to expand its small business on a national level. For that, they knew the digital presence was an essentiality, meaning, they had to get a website.


Although the brand had a sufficient offline presence and steady business, but when it came to expanding the business, that wasn't enough. Moreover, it was also becoming a hassle for the consumers because they couldn't buy the products online. So, Khyati Handicrafts got in touch with Dart Digital and expressed its pain points and requirements.

For us, the prime hurdle was the fact that we had to start from scratch and that the client only wanted to target Indian consumers. That's why, designing the logo and getting it approved by the client was a major obstacle for Dart Digital.


With the aim to curate an exclusive digital brand identity for Khyati Handicrafts, Dart Digital Agency started with market research and created a frame for the virtual identity of the artisanal brand. When that was approved by the client, we went on to design the logo. However, numerous revisions were made in the design because the target market was India, and there's not a single language that’s spoken in the country. Meaning we had to use the most popular language of the country and design something meaningful while also ensuring that everyone understood its gist. So, we settled on a logo that truly defined the Indian essence of the brand with its hinglish letters.

On the sidelines, website design and development was going smoothly. For better user experience payment getaways and order tracking section was integrated. Getting inspiration from the top e-commerce websites, we added a ‘you may also like’ section where consumers could find similar products while also seeing the same product in all the available colours, sizes and designs.

Extra Miles

After everything was set into motion, like our other clients, Khyati Handicrafts was also provided with a one-hour session before the website was handed over. Dart Digital Agency also provided them with all the backend options so that the brand could edit or alter the website content independently.


Khyati Handicrafts was very pleased with the logo and website design that focused on user experience. Once the online presence was established, the artisanal brand started querying about digital promotion and strategies. Currently we are in the process of curating a marketing strategy for the brand, and the discussion regarding the same is still going on.