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Cosmetica India

  • Country India
  • Industry Health and Wellness
  • Completion Year 2023
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About the Company

With a firm belief that every individual is beautiful, Cosmetica India has been aiding people in their self-discovery and self-love journey. For the last 20 years, Cosmetica India has been housing leading surgeons who offer various cosmetic surgeries according to their client's requirements.

The business wanted to expand itself and create an online presence to generate more revenue, and for that, it had to keep up with the consumers of today. So, Cosmetica India knew it was time to create a website and enter the digital world.


With more than 1000+ services and an almost equal amount of regular patients, one would think a business won't require any digital presence. However, that's not the case, and Cosmetica India felt that when they realised that their business was consistent and reliable, but it wasn't growing enough. That's when they contacted Dart Digital Agency.

Dart Digital had to create an affordable, easily accessible and an user-friendly website while making sure it aligns with the brand's voice in a limited timeframe. So, we were running against time to create a well functioning and aesthetic website.


After a series of discussions Dart Digital realised that we had to create new dimensions in terms of user-experience in the website to attract the attention of new consumers. The first step in the process was market and competition analysis.

 Alongside this, we had to add some of the unique elements that created that personalised touch for the users. During our research, we got to know how the consumer profiles in this sector have evolved and that different people have different requirements, some may like the white space on a website white others don't. So, we integrated a feature that enabled the users to access the website in both dark and light modes according to their convenience.

 Dart Digital ensured that from the colour pallet to the font everything was strategically choose to create brand identity. All the backend options for editing were made available to the employees, so that they can run everything smoothly and independently. With all this we also ensured to provide hosting maintenance services to the business.

Extra Miles

After ensuring that website met all the requirements listed out by Cosmetica India, like our other clients this business was also given a traning session to ensure they understand ins and outs of the website and edit different sections accordingly. Alongside this, Dart Digital also proposed a PR strategy and an online promotion strategy which are still under discussion with the company.


When everything was set into action, Cosmetica India could feel that its online presence was uplifted due to 30% more sales which was conducted via the website. With easy to look at format and simple navigation system customers could book the appointment in advance through the site, which pushed the digital visibility of the business, leading to a solid 2X growth in their overall revenue.