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Chocolate Therapy

  • Country Pennsylvania, United States
  • Industry Bakery / Hospitality
  • Completion Year 2023
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About the Company

Whipping up mouth-watering dessert delicacies is what Chocolate Therapy has been doing for the last 15 years. And, with time, what once was just a bakery turned into a bustling small business in Pennsylvania.

The bakery had a reliable offline identity and sales, but the business wanted to take a step forward and enhance its online presence in the digital arena to get better ROI.


Even though Chocolate Therapy had a website, it wasn't doing much for online conversions. So, it was time to redesign and infuse the website with the brand's voice.

Our options were limited, and rebranding and connecting the website with the brand's vision and identity using those already existing parameters was quite challenging.


Set to bridge the online and offline presence gap; Dart Digital began with in-depth market research and analysis of the website. For seamless progress, we created a PSD to get the client's feedback and infused their vision with ours to maintain the brand's vision on the website. Only after all the finalisations and approvals did the website development commence.

Our priority was branding, which is why we integrated images of baked goods and illustrations throughout the website to entice a rumble out of the consumers’ bellies.

To optimise the online presence of the bakery, special attention was given to integrating social media plugins into the website, and a Facebook page widget was also added to the website where consumers could get the essence of Chocolate Therapy’s page.

Next, we created an album, menu and customer review sections to display the authenticity and genuineness of the brand.

About Page Design

Menu Page Design

Extra Miles

While helping the bakery to create an online presence, we suggested a modified logo for Chocolate Therapy to create a visual identity for the brand. From the selection of fonts to colour palettes, each aspect was chosen while being mindful of the brand's image.

With a functionality-first mindset, we also provided the backend options to add customer reviews, an album section to upload beautiful images from the bakery and rearrange the menu according to the season without having to hire any professional help.

For that purpose, like other clients, the owner of Chocolate Therapy was also given a session to understand and operate the website before the reins of the brand's online identity were handed over.


Our efforts paid off and doubled the sales with 3x growth in ROI, and organic social media following started pouring in. Many customers complimented the website, and some even claimed to have found the bakery through the aesthetic website. It became a common shared space that connected new and existing consumers with Chocolate Therapy and allowed them to order beforehand to either pick up or dine in, enhancing the bakery's appeal.