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Audience Segmentation Strategy

Making your ads more personalized to get the worth of every dollar spent

Ads were, are, and will be the most effective form of communication in mainstream and digital media. It influences like none other marketing strategy could create. That’s why targeting it right is a thumb rule.


When we say targeting, we mean distinguishing groups from your broad target audience and personalizing ads for each segment. Even if it seems irrelevant to the broader strategy, it contributes to sales and branding for every business with a digital presence.


Dart Digital Agency expands campaign programs and digs deeper with audience segmentation. Whether your ads appear on social media or emails are sent for more opening rates, we work with you to generate more traffic and leads.


We believe that, like their appearance, everything about every person is different from one another, so targeting each with one standard communication cannot procure the desired result.

Audience Segmentation Strategy Audience Segmentation Strategy

Our approach to audience segmentation

We do not just group your target audience but use our pool of resources to conduct comprehensive audience segmentation analysis. This optimizes your messaging through whatever medium. This helps you hit your target with purpose-driven and clear content, targeting the people who benefit or react to it.

The criteria

There are usually four specific criteria to begin the segmentation process, which include:

  • Demography
  • Geography
  • Psychography
  • Behavior

To break it down, we consider gender, occupation, generation, nationality, local or national geographical location, consumer purchasing behavior, values, interests, purchasing journey, and more. It is similar to designing an ideal buyer’s persona and putting each into a different category depending on their requirements.

Analyze the best criteria to segment

Criteria are just one part of the equation. It is essential to understand the approach, but which one to apply depends upon the product, service, purpose, and the analytics-driven insights made.

M.A.S.D.A approach

The most effective approach marketers utilize to finalize and check the accuracy of the target audience segments is through M.A.S.D.A (Measurable, Accessible, Substantial, Differentiable, Actionable). From the size of the segment to their purchasing power and the ability to measure outcomes after targeting a specific group, the aptness of the strategy seems evident.

Differentiating the marketing

Creating a content plan and differentiating communications is the last step to accomplishing the plan. If it is an ad, we plan different content depending on the segments created. As part of our approach to strategizing content, we ensure that it holds the weight to bring results.

"Our creative approach lets us identify your audience's personality and fit your message right into it by channeling our creativity."

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